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Cantonese Restaurant Ryutenmon

Home Overview Section

*Ryutenmon will be operating without regular holidays during July and August

At Ryutenmon, we are celebrating the appointment of Takashi Nakazato as head chef and Chin Keimei as special advisor. This legendary duo of expert chefs teamed up and joined forces for many years at Ryutenmon. Implementing traditional cooking techniques based on the essence of Cantonese cooking philosophy, they created sublime delicacies such as our beloved Tantan noodles. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of the restaurant.

We are also welcoming new additions to our team: Kon Song Leong, a Macau native who specializes in Cantonese cuisine and Hokuto Amino, a dim sum chef master known for his artistry. With the implementation of delicate Japanese ingredients, we embody the essence and tradition of Cantonese cuisine in a unique way. Revel in our vibrant, authentic Cantonese cuisine that will transport your senses to the very region of Hong Kong.
Summer Menu

Summer Chilled Noodles Selection

Ryutenmon is now offering 3 types of unique and refreshing chilled noodles that promise to stimulate your summer appetite.

・Bang Bang Chicken Chilled Noodles with Special Sesame and Peanut Sauce
These chilled noodles are made using a rich sauce consisting of sesame seeds and carefully roasted peanuts with broad bean taste for a spicy touch.

・Chilled Noodles with Pork Ears Simmered in Soy Sauce and Spicy Vegetables
Rich in collagen and made by our expert chefs, the grilled pork ears are simmered in a special soy sauce that includes more than ten types of spices, including star anise and cinnamon.

・Ryutenmon Special Chilled Tan-Tan Noodles
Masterfully created by our head chef, the soup of these Tan-tan noodles feature a well-balanced combination of sesame seeds, broad bean paste and Kyoto style miso. The rich aroma of sesame and the invigorating sensation of Japanese pepper will stimulate your summer appetite. Enjoy the deep spiciness of homemade chili oil and Sichuan bean sauce.

"Bang Bang Chicken Chilled Noodles with Special Sesame and Peanut Sauce" and "Chilled Noodles with Pork Ears Simmered in Soy Sauce and Spicy Vegetables" will be available for a limited time only.

Price: 2,800 JPY each (tax and service included)
* Includes dessert of the day
* Choose one dim-sum from our Dim-sum Wagon for an additional 800 JPY fee.

Family Plan

Family Course

Settle in with your loved ones and enjoy our Family Course to the full.

With our beloved Peking Duck rolls as the main star of this course, other Cantonese delicacies such as "Deep Fried Crab Claws" and "Fried Rice of the Day" will be served.

Spend a heartwarming time with your family and treat yourself to authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Price: 9,800 JPY (Lunch / Dinner)

Lunch Set

Ryutenmon Lunch Set

This "Ryutenmon lunch set" is served with authentic Honk Kong style dim sums, appetizers, main dishes and dessert. Choose from either "Macau-style curry stew with beef", our popular "Stir-fried shrimp with chili sauce" or "Stuffed steamed chicken" for the main dish.

Surround yourself with elegance and luxury at Ryutenmon and delight your palate with authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Price: 5,000 JPY

Classic Menu
Classic Menu

Ryutenmon Signature Dim Sum Course

Enjoy a quintessential yum cha experience with Ryutenmon's signature Dim Sum Course featuring a luscious lineup of handcrafted dim sum and local Cantonese delights for the most authentic lunch experience.

Complete your meal with your choice of hearty dessert loved by local foodies.